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ACL Solutions - Patient Stories

On the pages that follow, patients who have undergone this procedure share their experiences with our visitors. Every patient is different, and every operation is different. Should you decide to undergo the procedure, your experience may be quite different from those described. We provide these stories in hopes that they will give you the perspective of others who speak from experience, and we hope you find the information useful, but you need to appreciate that medicine is not an exact science, that no two cases are alike, and that your own experience could be better or worse than that of any of those described here. You should base no decisions on the statements these patient make, but rather upon you own best judgment, informed by your doctor's advice. These individuals are patients, not health care professionals, and you should regard their opinions and ideas accordingly.

Soccer Game (Image Credit: Corbis Images)

A fourteen year old soccer player and her family's journey through surgery and rehabilitation

Down Hill Skier (Image Credit:  Corbis Images)

A thirty one year old skier tears his ACL



Note: The person depicted may or may not be the actual patient. If models are used for the photographic images, then no endorsement is to be implied. For specific information regarding the images, please place the cursor over each image



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