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6. When can I start driving after my surgery?

Dr. Jeff Abrams
Princeton, New Jersey

Driving depends on right or left knee surgery, type of transmission and need for pain meds. Many can drive within 1 - 2 weeks.


F. Alan Barber MD, FACS
Plano, Texas

To drive safely, you should no longer be using narcotics for pain control and should have adequate strength and control for the brake and accelerator pedals. This can usually be achieved between one and two weeks after surgery.


Dr. Don Johnson
Ottawa, Canada

Driving can be resumed when weight bearing is comfortable. This usually is sooner when the left knee is involved.


Dr. Hugh West
Salt Lake City, Utah

Most people will start driving when they feel that it is safe. This is usually within a couple of weeks of surgery. It depends upon how strong each person feels, how much pain medication they need, and what their own comfort level is with driving again. We very rarely run into problems where someone needs to be driving again and can't because of the surgery.

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